A Final Reflective Piece from Jim Royan, Chair of DYW Moray

A Final Reflective Piece from Jim Royan, Chair of DYW Moray

DYW Moray was established by the Scottish Government in April 2016 to help and support the young people of Scotland to explore the world of work through engaging with employers and schools. How we have delivered that opportunity is through developing strong relationships between the employers and schools here in Moray. In July 2019, I was invited to join the board of DYW Moray which is made up of representatives from both private and public sector organisation.

My role was to work for and with these partners to take DYW Moray to a new level and in doing so provide an even more relevant service to our future work force.

What was not in our plan was Covid 19. However, it gave us an opportunity to develop the organisation including the important appointment of four DYW Schools Co­-ordinators who have the task of working with specific schools to develop a greater understanding and needs of those localities.

As many of you will know DYW Moray is led by Sarah Baxter and her team including our own modern apprentices. It is fair to say that DYW Moray is one of the most energetic and effective DYW’s in Scotland. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sarah and her team for their efforts.

Under difficult circumstances our employer partners have kept engaged and new relationships have been developed. The DYW team have spent important time developing their ‘toolkits’ for success and we already know that despite the Pandemic many Moray businesses have got significant development plans. There are also very significant opportunities through the massive RAF Lossiemouth Poseidon Project. As a community we have moved from the adversity of the potential closure of RAF Lossiemouth in 2011 to the ambition of post-pandemic Moray.

I am grateful to having been part of the ‘Adversity’ and importantly the ‘Ambition’ which now exists.

That ambition should also apply to the workforce of tomorrow who are sitting in the class rooms throughout Moray today. DYW are ready to support, encourage, and enable these young people.

Finally, I am delighted that one of our existing board members, Brian MacAulay, Malt Distilleries, Spirit Supply and Warehousing Group Manager for Chivas Brothers is taking over from September 2021 as Chair of the DYW Moray Board and Victor West, Managing Director for Associated Seafoods as Vice Chair.

It has been a real pleasure to work with our Board and staff and I believe DYW Moray is poised to make a significant contribution to the economic recovery from Covid.

Final thoughts for Moray’s young people…

  1. Your first job is important as it’s the first entry on your C.V.
  2. Your ‘IQ’ is important but if you add ‘EQ’ (this posh name for common sense) and ‘I Can’. You are on your way!
  3. There are 26 letters in the alphabet and number each letter from 1-26. e.g., A=1, Z=26

Here’s a short task for you –

  1. Calculate the value of KNOWLEDGE.
  2. Then try HARD WORK.
  3. Finally, ATTITUDE.

I hope you find that ATTITUDE is most valuable of all. Good luck.

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