Be The Change You Want To See

Be The Change You Want To See

To give you some background, my name is Georgia Fordyce, I’m 24, I grew up in Buckie and moved to Elgin when I was 11. I studied Musical Theatre in Edinburgh, and went on to work as a

Vocalist for Celebrity Cruises. When the pandemic hit, I was working on a Cruise Ship, my contract was cut short and I was sent home. Suddenly I had no job, back living with my parents,

no furlough… nada!

As I’m sure everyone did, I spent the first few months of lockdown trying to just pass the time, watching Netflix and playing Animal Crossing. Eventually, I realised that I needed a purpose, a

reason to wake up every morning and it was abundantly clear that performing wasn’t going to return anytime soon. I eventually decided to invest in a Coach, because I needed some guidance,

inspiration… something.

From that decision, my whole life turned around. I now have my own podcast (Happy Haggis), my own business as a Life Coach, I moved to New York and I am so happy. The pandemic made me

realise how many skills I had, from being a creative person, that I was not just a singer, and that

it’s okay to be multi-passionate and do many things! I realised that there are so many opportunities out there for creative people, even in a pandemic, if we’re open to seeing them! If

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