Hospitality and Tourism Careers - the Opportunities are Limitless

Hospitality and Tourism Careers - the Opportunities are Limitless

If you think that working in hospitality and tourism is all about waiting tables, changing beds and cleaning toilets, then you are wrong!

In fact, it is the opposite, there are almost limitless opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. There is a wide range of roles and careers available in every corner of the profession; from frontline roles working directly with the public, through marketing and PR, event management, becoming a chef, or even running your own business …to name only a few.

A career within the industry can open doors for valuable learning moments, developing vital skills, and gaining first-hand experience. The resources available to you are multiple; with apprenticeships, college and university courses, on-the-job training and more not far off. These opportunities can provide you with the room to grow and the option to gain a long-lasting and rewarding career.

There is a role suitable for anyone and everyone in this ever-evolving industry. You could be cooking extravagant meals for A-lister celebrities, welcoming high-flying businessmen and women, or traveling the world, far and wide, as part of your role.

The hospitality and tourism industry will enable you to meet a variety of interesting people, beautiful places, and life-changing possibilities. Every role, business and experience are different, giving you a variety of pathways and options to consider.

As restrictions ease and Scotland begin to experience a sense of ‘normality’, Moray’s hospitality and tourism industry are re-opening and ready to hit the ground running. This means that there are many roles and positions available within the sector, and businesses need team members like you.

So, are you interested in a career in Hospitality and Tourism? Visit the DYW Moray jobs page to find out what opportunities are currently available –


Rachel Wilson

Project Coordinator

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