My FA in 5: Josie Watson, Social Services (Children and Young People) Foundation Apprentice

My FA in 5: Josie Watson, Social Services (Children and Young People) Foundation Apprentice

In this My FA in 5, we're asking Josie Watson, a Social Services (Children and Young People) Foundation Apprentice, to tell us all about their Foundation Apprenticeship experience.

Here's what they had to say...

In three words, describe your Foundation Apprenticeship experience

Gratifying. Enlightening. Fun.

What did you find the most surprising thing about the subject or your experience?

I found the experience very surprising. I hadn’t expected the course to take on what each individual wanted for the future. A few people wanted to go into primary school teaching and they accommodated the experience to give them the experience for their future aims, and I wanted a more outdoor and hands-on experience in childcare and together we found an outdoor nursery that was suited to my learning aims.

How was the experience different from school?

It was very different. I noticed that I was treated much more like an adult in this course than in school. In this course, I was able to work on my essay skills that would meet university standards compared to normal school essays. In school, it was more indoors, whereas, in my second year, I was able to escape outside to help teach nursery pupils.

What have you learned about yourself or about the workplace that you didn’t know before?

I definitely gained more confidence in myself as both a student and as a member of the nursery team. I was able to get more creative with coming up with games that would help the children learn different skills while still being fun.

What’s next for you after your Foundation Apprenticeship?

I am using the skills I learnt in this course while babysitting children in the family. I was also able to use the essay skills in the course I went into after school. It gave me a head start on my essays.

We also asked Josie what their advice would be to someone in secondary school who is thinking about doing a Foundation Apprenticeship. This is what they said...

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