My FA in 5: Kelly McWilliam, Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprentice

My FA in 5: Kelly McWilliam, Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprentice

In this My FA in 5, we're asking Kelly McWilliam, a Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprentice, to tell us all about their Foundation Apprenticeship experience.

Here's what they had to say...

In three words, describe your Foundation Apprenticeship experience

Beneficial. Interesting. Practical.

What did you find the most surprising thing about the subject or your experience?

The most surprising thing I have found within the course was how the service users was not treated with the correct safeguarding policies. Seeing this made it most real that there are social care workers who do not treat their service users correctly. Another thing I have found surprising is the amount of legislation that workplaces must train their workers.

How was the experience different from school?

Doing a Foundation Apprenticeship through college was different from school. This was because there were new people to meet and a new atmosphere. With being in college, you had more freedom than school but you were still expected to fulfil the expectations your lecturers had.

What have you learned about yourself or about the workplace that you didn’t know before?

What I have learned about myself is to not be so shy and hold back if I know information as I normally used to think I was incorrect when I was not. In college, I learned what good and bad practice can look like. This is by having role play sessions within the college time. I was lucky enough to get a couple of months of work experience in a local care home and this allowed me to learn about what a day there entails and how care plans are completed which is most important within a care sector setting.

What’s next for you after your Foundation Apprenticeship?

When I finished my Foundation Apprenticeship, I continued my time with the college as I am now currently studying a Healthcare practice HNC as well as Higher Biology. By taking these courses, I will then go on to university where I can fulfil my education to become a Midwife.

We also asked Kelly what their advice would be to someone in secondary school who is thinking about doing a Foundation Apprenticeship. This is what they said...

My advice would be do not be scared and shy to take part in any given opportunity, get involved by speaking to other individuals because you will all be helping each other throughout the two years. The good thing about the Foundation Apprenticeship is that it allows you to grow as a person and realise more about yourself than before. It gives you an insight to what outside of school education may be like. I would most definitely recommend a Foundation Apprenticeship as a great starting point and you can achieve great qualifications by doing so!

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