My FA in 5: Shannon Stewart, Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprentice

My FA in 5: Shannon Stewart, Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprentice

In this My FA in 5, we're asking Shannon Stewart, a Social Services and Healthcare Foundation Apprentice, to tell us all about their Foundation Apprenticeship experience.

Here's what they had to say...

In three words, describe your Foundation Apprenticeship experience

Very beneficial. Insightful. Helpful. My experience was unexpected due to the pandemic. However, it was very beneficial as I got so much insight to the care sector through watching clips and reading case studies which included scenarios of good and poor practice. The question answering of scenarios really helped my understanding.

What did you find the most surprising thing about the subject or your experience?

I was very shocked to see the videos of poor practice. It wasn’t nice to see but just shows you and makes you realise there are policies and procedures in place for a good reason and they are really important.

How was the experience different from school?

It was different from school as there’s new faces, new friends, and it wasn't as formal as school! I absolutely loved the freedom you had compared to school. You had your set times in class same as school but you had more team work and had a good day with different faces.

What have you learned about yourself or about the workplace that you didn’t know before?

I didn’t get my placement due to Covid-19 but we had access to a few rooms in the college which had settings for role play! Our role plays displayed examples of good and poor practice and you really seen the difference between what’s allowed and what was unacceptable. I learnt that I can come out my shell and I can speak up to ask questions because if you don’t ask then you don’t find out unless someone else asks. I found a good bit of confidence in myself by the end of my Foundation Apprenticeship.

What’s next for you after your Foundation Apprenticeship?

Since finishing my Foundation Apprenticeship and 6th year of school, I find myself in a full-time position as a support worker at ARK Housing Association. I support vulnerable adults who have a range of learning disabilities, autism, dementia and more. The job is extremely rewarding and you always get a good laugh with the supported people.

We also asked Shannon what their advice would be to someone in secondary school who is thinking about doing a Foundation Apprenticeship. This is what they said...

My advice is don’t be scared to come out your shell! Go make friends, speak to the strangers from other schools, don’t be scared to ask your lecturer anything, work as a team and have a laugh while working hard to achieve your apprenticeship qualifications. They are worth it. The good thing about a Foundation Apprenticeship is your away from school, it’s not as formal, you have a leeway to have fun and there’s obviously the side where you need to get your head down and focus but the more you enjoy your time at college you’ll get your apprenticeship done in no time. Doing a Foundation Apprenticeship allows you to see a different side to yourself, you grow and learn loads.

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