As we have come to the end of study leave and exams for many, it is also that time of year where young people take the big leap from school on to their next steps.

Most will already be thinking about their final grades to be released in the next couple of months…Did they do well? Did they not? What impact will it have on their next steps?

I am not sure if young people’s grades are still delivered by post, but when I was at school, we used to be able to track the postie on social media, waiting to see who got their results next to see how long it was going to take for them to deliver to my door…oh the anticipation!

At DYW, we strive to ensure that no matter what your exam results, you can still have a positive career path following school. We call this campaign #NoWrongPath where we ask local business people, family, and friends, from all ages, on different career paths to take a photograph of themselves holding up a piece of paper. They will write their name, what they did when they first left school and what they do now. We then ask them to post this picture on exam results day (9th August 2022) on to their social media channels with the hashtag #NoWrongPath.

This will demonstrate that often many people will not always have straight forward career paths following school. They may change careers several times. They may choose to start their own business. We have seen many very successful entrepreneurs worldwide, who did not do so well in their exams at school, but they went on to do incredible things. I personally was not a grade A pupil and in fact I did not get one A in my Higher results…but I still went on to end up in this job I really enjoy.

When exam results day comes on 9th August, if young people are disheartened by their results, they need to know that many people who have interesting and successful careers, did not necessarily take a straight, obvious, or traditional career path to get there and that their exams results did not define them.

So, can you get involved? DYW Moray are asking people from all across Moray in any job role at any age to simply take a photo of themselves holding a piece of paper saying:

Your Name:

What did you do when you first left school?

What are you doing now?

And post the photograph on to your social media channels on exam results day – 9th August 2022 with the hashtag #NoWrongPath and tag @DYWMoray. If you do not have social media, you can send in your photograph by email for us to share at info@dywmoray.co.uk

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