Tech Club – Pivotal Moment That Changed Everything For Me

Tech Club – Pivotal Moment That Changed Everything For Me

For four years we’ve been working towards a hub based round technology, education, childcare and gaming.

My youngest is 11, on the autistic spectrum and enjoys going to a coding club. I knew that we could provide somewhere children could get involved, learn, and have fun. I understood the difficulties of securing childcare that fitted my working day. So the idea was a fun club and a wrap around childcare service.

I had it all set in my head. Then I had a conversation with a Mum. We were waiting for our boys and we were talking about the plans. She saw the opportunity to support her son to use technology. She felt lost when trying to support him and concerned for his future.

My brain was spinning. I’d been narrow minded, only considering my family. Not all young people are naturally good with technology. Not all parents know how to use it. This made absolute sense. Using technology and computers is bigger than coding, so we could offer a range of activities.

And then COVID happened, the world shifted. How would that affect the business? How does that affect my family?

I was balancing working from home and Josh’s education. It was hard. Really hard.

Reports were that life’s not going back to the normal that we knew. Time to adapt. But how?

We can’t offer support that people could come to, but could we create something new, innovative and unique that could help families at home?

Talking to families, I saw how we could help. Supporting whole families, not just kids, not just parents.

That’s where the real learning curve began. What would this look like? How would we make it? Would anyone be interested? There began a voyage of discovery that’s taken nearly every waking moment of lockdown.

Within 10 weeks we’ve a working prototype running, with founding members that I refer to as my Magnificent 7! Still working my socks off to create an exciting, informative, transforming adventure for my members and their families. And the reality is, I wouldn’t change it for a thing!

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