The beauty of the Foundation Apprenticeship

The beauty of the Foundation Apprenticeship

Written by Cindy Gee, Foundation Apprentice Coordinator at Moray College UHI.

I have been doing this job (Foundation Apprentice Coordinator) for just over two years now but have actually worked at Moray College UHI since 1999!

I have worked in various departments and had different jobs in the College and have gained something from each one, as well as some great friendships.

I think it’s so important to find something that you love to do and, when you consider how long you will be in a job and working for, it’s even more important that you like it!

For me, that’s the beauty of the Foundation Apprenticeship. You can try a sector that you are interested in, come to college to study the underpinning knowledge stuff and then I find you a work placement for one day a week for the rest of the academic year.

A Foundation Apprenticeship means you can try out the workplace, learn the job (which certainly won’t hurt your CV or college/university application), but most important of all is you can find out if this is something that you would like to do for a career and also means you can build real work relationships and experiences that will transfer across into any job you end up doing.

Let’s also not forget that this qualification gets the pupil the equivalent of a Higher in terms of SCQF tariff points and with some universities even two Highers.

I didn’t go down the typical university route and I have never looked back! All of my qualifications have been done whilst working and I have had an incredibly varied and fulfilling career.

The Foundation Apprenticeship scheme is one that I am genuinely passionate about as it gives our young people options and a choice in what they want to do. I truly wish there had been something like this when I was in school, as, in my opinion, it’s a great opportunity for any young person and the employers we have on-board, willing and able to help is superb!

Never regret what you do, regret what you don’t do! We are not all the same and different things work for different people. A Foundation Apprenticeship allows for that individuality and you will hopefully find something that you are truly passionate about and get a job doing something that you love.

Cindy Gee is the Foundation Apprentice Coordinator at Moray College UHI. For more information about Foundation Apprenticeships, get in touch with Cindy via email. logo Aberdeen Science Centre logo Career Ready logo Moray College UHI logo My World of Work logo Marketplace logo Moray Pathways logo