The power of mentoring

The power of mentoring

Who has had an influence on the path your life has taken?

I bet there is at least one person who had a huge impact at a pivotal point in your life. They may not have realised it at the time. Hey, you may not even have realised it at the time.

But we all need support and advice to guide us as we make our way through life, and this is especially true of our young people.

And you can support that by becoming a mentor.

Transform aspirations

One of DYW’s driving forces is to help young people unlock their potential and mentors play a key part in that.

Mentoring can increase the confidence and improve the life chances of our region’s young people.

It has the power to widen their horizons to things they never thought possible. Whether it’s developing insights into a sector or role they never knew existed, or developing a passion for learning new things, it can transform their aspirations.

The continuity and consistency of a mentor can provide the stable and nurturing environment that a young person needs to identify their goals and thrive.

For many mentees, improving confidence and self-esteem is the most important step to achieving their goals. And improving confidence and giving someone a voice often leads to increased motivation.

Level playing field

The futures of far too many young people are determined by background, not potential.

Every young person has enormous talent, however care-experienced pupils and other young people may be struggling to engage with their education.

Mentoring aims to help them realise their potential, no matter their circumstances.

The ScotCen 2020 Research Study conducted for MCR Pathways showed that prior to the introduction of mentoring, 59.8% of care-experienced young people progressed to full-time employment, college or university. This rose to 81.6% of when mentoring was introduced into the equation.

Mutual benefits

It’s evident that mentors make a life-changing difference but the benefits are by no means one-sided.

It is a fantastic way to pass on your skills to the next generation and help them kickstart their futures.

Mentors are able to develop and showcase leadership skills, build connections with people from different backgrounds, and their ability to help others develop new skills.

In CareerReady’s Power of Volunteering report released earlier this year, more than two-thirds of mentors cited an increase in their knowledge or skills, with 91% improving their coaching skills.

And taking time away from the office and supporting a young person has the potential to boost your own wellbeing and provide an enriching experience.

So get out there, give a little and we can guarantee you will gain a lot.

At DYW, we want all young people to experience equality of education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances. There are two fantastic mentoring programmes in Moray, in Career Ready and Mentoring Young Talent.

If you would like to discover more about mentoring in Moray, check out our 'What is mentoring?' article or get in touch with DYW Moray at today!

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