Biology Careers Week with Elgin Academy

Biology Careers Week with Elgin Academy

The Biology Department in Elgin Academy have been talking about careers using Biology. Each academic year, S3 pupils are given the opportunity to explore the different careers in Biology. This term, the S3 cohort have used their 2-week careers block to discover, research and investigate different career routes in Biology and how they can follow them using the knowledge, qualifications, and skills they are gaining through the subject of Biology.

Inspired by Scottish Careers week, the Biology Department teamed up with DYW Moray to enhance the young people’s learning further by incorporating the employability skills they need for these careers. School Coordinator, Carinne, delivered a 10-minute interactive session with each S3 class, with 87 young people in total taking part in the activity. The young people were asked to team up, chose a career and create a spider diagram linking the employability skills to that career and how Biology is helping them develop the key skills they will need for their chosen career.

Examples of employability skills they listed under headings included teamwork through participating in group experiments, planning and organising through meeting any homework deadlines or revising for assignments, and developing problem solving and numeracy skills by doing experiments and analysing and presenting the results they have found. All answers can be found in the “Careers in Biology & Employability Skills” graphic.

Mrs Gordon, Principle Teacher of the Biology Department said “the Biology department feel it is essential that pupils have an awareness of the diversity of different potential career routes that can be linked to Biology and other Science subjects. This session working with Carinne and with funding from we have successfully extended the range of activities completed.”

EA Biology Careers Graphic

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