Santander and Milne’s High School – igniting a spark that may lead to success

Santander and Milne’s High School – igniting a spark that may lead to success

Milne’s High School was keen to give their pupils the experience of connecting with local employers, to give them context to their learning in school and to promote thoughts and discussion around future pathways.

With support from Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Moray and their School Coordinator, Amanda Hedley, Milne’s High School was connected with their local branch of Santander.


On 26th October 2021, Scott McLennan, Regional Manager at Santander, delivered an engaging virtual talk to more than 70 pupils in S3 in the Milne’s High School’s Maths Department.

The use of a virtual platform allowed Scott to engage across three classrooms at once and meant the struggles that Covid-19 would pose were put to one side. “Supporting virtually meant I could speak to 75 people across 3 classes as opposed to just 1 and seemed to work really well.”, Scott said.

Through his activities, Scott covered various different bank accounts, ranging from Everyday Accounts to Student Accounts to Savings Accounts. Pupils also got the chance to hear about pensions and mortgages.

Speaking with S3 pupils is slightly different to speaking to an ‘everyday customer’, so, when a pupil asked “When working in the bank, did the bank ever get robbed?”, this did receive the most noise! About this, Scott said: “Probably the most challenging part was the Q&A section, in my day job I generally know what will be asked but that’s quite different when speaking with young people!”.

Shared thoughts, aims and success

Milne’s High School praised Scott McLennan and DYW Moray, saying that the support and experience helped the school deliver their curriculum in an exciting and interesting way.

Following the event, the feedback was all positive from staff and pupils alike.

With two of Milne’s High School’s aims being to develop relationships, knowledge and skills and to be provided with pathways that lead to success, there was a match when Scott said: “I think it’s so vital to support young people and give an insight into industry. You never know, it may just help ignite a spark in one of them to find out more!”

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