Dick and Dom, A British Comedy Double Act

Dick and Dom, A British Comedy Double Act

How are you and what do your do?

We’re good thanks…Dick and Dom…25 years of Dick and Domming about!

How did you get into doing presenting?

Dick: I started in hospital radio when I was 12 and then slowly worked my way up. I started as a ‘runner’ at Children’s BBC in 1996 and then got a lucky audition! Dom: I was mad on magic and won the ‘Young magician of the year’ in 1992, I started doing magic on Children’s BBC and again got a lucky audition to become a 'broom cupboard' presenter!

How are you so well known today?

We were lucky to host children’s programmes in an era when they used to be on BBC1 and you could get up to 6 million people watching you! DIck and Dom in Da Bungalow was on BBC1 Saturday mornings for 4 years, that’s the show that made us a well known act...and of course Bogies!

What would you suggest to young kids wanting to get into professional presenting?

There’s still the old fashioned route of doing hospital/local radio or tv and working your way up but social media is a great starting ground. You can set up your own tv station in your bedroom and send out links to producers...determination is key!

How many hours does it take to become a presenter like you?

Well, we've been on tv for 25 years so that works out at about 219,000 hours.

With everything closed how would a young person keep developing there Presenting skills?

Social media, you can present a mini tv show everyday from your own home! Think up some new content that will make people watch.

What programmes or groups do you suggest young people to get into presenting?

We both studied media at school and college, there are some great courses where you can learn about all areas of the business. We didn’t go to Uni as we’d already started working at Children’s BBC.

Could you tell people about new project your doing?

We've just released a new podcast called 'The Dick & Dom Debate' where we debate absolute cobblers like ‘what’s the best motorway service station’!

What sparks people to get into presenting?

For us it was watching hours of children’s tv and becoming so obsessed with it we wanted to do it as a job.

How old where you when you got into Presenting?

We both started at Children’s BBC when we were about 19.

How was your overall presenting experience (highs and lows)?

It’s been our dream job and to do it for 25 years is amazing, staying in the business is harder than getting into the business!

So young people know more about you please could you please tell people what you have been in?

More recently Absolute Genius and Diddy TV but over the years Splatalot, The Legend of Dick & Dom and of course Dick & Dom in da Bungalow.

Can you do a famous joke or line you are known for?


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