Emma Milton - Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

Emma Milton - Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

What is your name?

Emma Milton

What is your job title?

DYW Moray Digital Marketing Modern Apprentice

Describe your career pathway after leaving school.

In sixth year I completed a Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills whilst getting to do work experience with DYW Moray where I was able to further develop my IT and communication skills as well as gaining another qualification.

With this experience, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in this industry so once I finished school I knew I wanted to complete a Modern Apprenticeship in a similar subject area.

I applied for the DYW Moray Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship, I was then interviewed and they offered me the position which I was so happy about.

Have you ever been an apprentice? If yes, please explain what this was, what this involved and why would you encourage others to undertake an apprenticeship.

I would definitely recommend apprenticeships to anyone that is considering undertaking one. Throughout my apprenticeships I have developed and gained new skills & qualities as well as meeting great people. Undertaking my apprenticeships will benefit me long term as I am gaining work experience, qualifications and a full time wage.

What school subjects would be helpful for your job role?

  • Administration & IT
  • English
  • Leadership

What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

My favourite thing is being able to work with such a great team every day and also having the opportunity to take a lead on social media campaigns as it helps me to develop my communication skills with employers, and also lets me further my social media skills.

Why did you want to work in this industry?

I wanted to work in this industry due to the fact I was interested in business management & administration throughout secondary school.

Did you ever want to pursue another career?

I used to like the idea of events management but in sixth year I studied administration & IT so that was when I decided I wanted to pursue this career.

What does a typical day in your role involve?

A typical day in my role can involve uploading and promoting jobs to young people, replying to emails and creating social media posts.

What skills are required to do your job?

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • IT
  • Time Management

What is your advice to young people who are considering working in this sector?

My advice to young people who are considering working in this sector would be to go for it, this sector is filled with opportunities for you to gain new skills and undertake so many different tasks!

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