Fiona Rodger - SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) Manager

Fiona Rodger - SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) Manager

What is your name?

Fiona Rodger

What company do you currently work for?

City of Glasgow College

What is your job title?

SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) Manager

Provide a brief description of your business

We providing vocational education.

Describe your career path after leaving school

I left school in the Summer after fifth year and I started working as a part-time domestic in the local care home. I loved it; I loved the characters, the stories, the way I could bring a smile to someone’s face just by doing my job and chatting to them. Quickly, I decided not to go back to school and pursued a career in social care. I gained a job with Glasgow City Council as a Social Care Worker and progressed to a Senior Social Care Worker and Depute Manager. I undertook my HNC and SVQ; I valued the learning and knowledge that this gave me so much that I became an SVQ Assessor as this allowed me to play a small part in shaping the future of social care and the sector's workforce. As a SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) Manager, I now manage the SVQ delivery within City of Glasgow College and love it, especially since I can still shape the future of so many people. Care will always be my passion, but educating others in vocational skills is just as rewarding.

Have you ever been an apprentice?

I have never been an apprentice, but I wish it was an option when I was younger. Supporting apprentices is an amazing opportunity and being able to learn while working and gaining valuable experience is a great opportunity.

What school subjects would be helpful for your job role?

English would be important but being kind and caring is just as important.

What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

Being able to develop the careers of so many individuals as well as develop the skills of the existing workforce is the best part of my role. Supporting an individual at the start of their SVQ journey and being a part of their development and watching them gain knowledge and an understanding and become better practitioners.

Why did you want to work in this industry?

From a young age, I always wanted to work in the health and social care sector. I love the characters, the stories, the way I can bring a smile to someone’s face just by doing my job and chatting to them.

What does a typical day in your role involve?

Working with assessors and verifiers who support Scottish Vocational Qualification candidates to complete a variety of SVQ qualifications.

What skills are required to do your job?

The ability to communicate with individuals at all levels.

What is your advice to young people who are considering working in this sector?

Working as a carer in the health and social care sector is one of the most rewarding jobs there is. Your not just a carer your someone’s carer and that means so much.

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