From children's camcorder to award-winning videographer

From children's camcorder to award-winning videographer

"In 2005, I received a brilliant Christmas present - a children’s camcorder that had 1GB of memory and a screen the size of a 50p. An instant fascination set in to stay."

Brodie Young, who is 24 and lives in Fochabers, works as a videographer. To him, Moray feels like the perfect blend between the head space of the countryside but still with an active arts scene to engage in and loves living here.

Turning a childhood fascination into a passion

Films have always been important to Brodie. As a child, he would sit and re-watch the same films repeatedly, fascinated by how the film-maker manipulated not only what he was seeing but how he perceived it. Being able to have an understanding of that process and being able to participate in it is his passion.

The privilege

Brodie says: "As a videographer I’ve had the privilege of working on some amazing projects with amazing people. Most of my time is spent shooting/editing film and messaging clients.

"I work closely with Out of the Darkness Theatre Company who provide theatre-based day-services as well as a range of college courses in partnership with Moray College UHI.

"As a school leaver, my first choice was Out of the Darkness where I studied acting and performance. I chose this path because the course stood out as one that would introduce me to film and theatre and allow me to forge connections with like minded people. I’ve continued to work with the company and went on to study acting and performance at a HNC level and completed a workplace Diploma in Digital Marketing.

"Having the support of Out of the Darkness has been of immense value to my development and a source of continual pride for me personally.".

With his role, Brodie has learned skills such as communication and team work, but also learned story telling and use of imagery as a creative tool. He tells us: "In videography you need to be open to experience and know that there is no such thing as too much planning.".

The unlikely situations that you find yourself in, from shooting in a disused prison, to a golden beach, to a green-screen, is something that Brodie loves about film-making and is one of his favourite parts of videography.

An opportunity

During COVID-19, Brodie has worked remotely doing editing work for other film makers. For one of these films, he has won an award for best editing. When asked about working remotely, Brodie said: "It made videography more office-bound for me which I struggled with at the beginning, however I’ve since found it to be an opportunity to reflect on the way I work.".


Brodie's advice to school leavers is to be articulate and thinks that articulacy is the most affective way to express thoughts and feelings and it is the best power you can arm yourself with. "Be honest with others but more importantly be honest with yourself, look for the good in people even when it requires effort but never allow yourself to be naïve, and don’t waste time because you have a lot to offer the world.", Brodie says.

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