Garry Collins

Garry Collins

What company do you currently work for?

Out of the Darkness Theatre Company

What is your name?

Garry Collins

What is your job title?

Creative Director

Provide a brief description of your business.

I am responsible for delivering the Performing Arts Courses for UHI Moray and providing Drama Workshops around the Moray Area. I deliver the HNC Acting and Performance Course which focuses solely on Acting Techniques and all specialised subject areas that are involved with Acting such as: Acting for Camera, Creating Devised Theatre, Voice, Movement, Production, Leading a Workshop, Acting Methods, and Practitioners and Preparing students to perform in their Graded Unit, this focuses on preparing and performing a speech to a panel and two Productions over the course of the year. I also deliver the University of London (UAL) Performing and Production Course, this course focuses on the foundations of the Creative Industries, students learn core skills in Acting, Voice, Movement, and Production. This course allows you to investigate costume, make-up, lighting, sound, prop making, front of house as well as singing and dance skills. This course connects to three projects over the year that focuses on participating and performing in a Pantomime, Acting Showcase, and the Final End of Year Collaborative project that displays all the skills that the students have learnt throughout their training experience

Describe your career pathway after leaving school.

I left Elgin High School at the end of my fifth year and went to study an NC in Acting and Theatre Performance at Dundee College. When I completed my NC Training, I applied for the three Year Acting Degree Course at Royal Conservatoire Scotland (RCS) and was accepted. I completed my degree and started to work as a professional Actor. I have worked in all genres of the Creative Industry from - Film, T.V, and Radio but mainly in Theatre for fifteen years. I have worked for professional theatre companies such as; The Globe Theatre - London, Traverse Theatre - Edinburgh, Royal Lyceum - Edinburgh, Citizens Theatre - Glasgow - Grid Iron Theatre Company - Edinburgh, Dundee Rep , 59E59 - New York - Off Broadway. I have been working for Out of the Darkness Theatre Company working alongside members with learning differences and as an associate lecturer, delivering many Creative Arts Courses for UHI Moray.

Have you ever been an apprentice? If yes, please explain what this was, what this involved and why would you encourage others to undertake an apprenticeship.

Unfortunately, there were no apprenticeships for Acting when I was a secondary pupil. Out of the Darkness Theatre Company deliver the Foundation Apprenticeship In Creative and Digital Media, the benefits of receiving both theory and practical training over a two-year period has been hugely successful for all learners who have studied with us and have moved on to University, Art School and Royal Conservatoire Scotland, the apprenticeship had been instrumental for those learners to progress and gain confidence within a work placement environment.

What school subjects would be helpful for your job role?

The school subjects that would be helpful for my job role would be as follows:

Drama - Grade C or Above

English - Grade C or Above

Maths - National 5

What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

I love working with all ages, sharing my experiences and training in a Creative way that allows each individual that they are capable of being creative, inventive, expressive, and becoming more confident. I really enjoy delivering drama workshops to primary, secondary, and adult classes. I am passionate about teaching and offering the highest standard of Creative Training I possibly can and displaying this in a final student production where each and every student performs to a live audience to the best of their ability. I love working with all members that are connected to the various groups within Out of the Darkness Theatre Company and performing in our annual Pantomime and Summer Shows. My job does not feel like a job. I wake up and look forward to going into create, every day is different and the team I work with is amazing, supportive, and talented and that makes the work so enjoyable.

Why did you want to work in this industry?

I wanted to work in this industry from a very young age, I have a big imagination, I love being creative, I love performing/acting, I thrive when working with others and I have a passion to see people progress, succeed and achieve.

Did you ever want to pursue another career?


What does a typical day in your role involve?

My day varies, I start work at eight am, and most days the work centres around creating production for the company or delivering creative classes that focus solely around specific topics such as: Acting for Camera, Devising Theatre, Acting, Voice, Movement etc., each and every day is fun-packed with challenges. I normally finish work after five pm.

What skills are required to do your job?

The main skills that are required to do my job would be patience, focus, listening skills, and good communication are essential. When working with others having an approachable personality, open mind, and logical way of problem-solving is beneficial. You need to be able to have a good laugh and sense of humour as well as be inventive in your creativity. You must also be organised with paperwork and be able to work your way around computers and basic ICT

What is your advice to young people who are considering working in this sector?

My main advice would be to those who are considering working in the creative sector is to believe in your abilities to succeed, study hard, and never settle for anything other than the best work that you can offer. Research what area of the Creative Industry you wish to pursue and find out all information relating to the subject area in order to be prepared and knowledgeable about the key area.

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