Katie Swinton - NQT Maths Teacher at Forres Academy

Katie Swinton - NQT Maths Teacher at Forres Academy

Growing up, Katie Swinton never imagined of becoming a teacher as it was never something that came to mind. Every time Katie was feeling like a change of career Katie’s mum always suggested she should become a teacher like her. She said,

“I kept shrugging it off thinking teaching would not be for me. When my fiancé got posted to RAF Lossiemouth, I knew it was time for a change and to my surprise, I decided to go down the route of teaching and I haven’t looked back since. I am completely in love with my role as a teacher and so happy I listened to my mum in the end – she was so right.”

Before Katie decided to make this career change, she took a varied career path. After secondary school, Katie worked in an office to gain some life experience before working her way up the career ladder, becoming a Store Manager before undertaking her PGDE.

Katie’s favourite thing about being a teacher is that it challenges her every day into new ways of thinking. Her previous role was challenging in a different way but with her passion for teaching, the pupils challenge Katie in a way she really enjoys. Katie said,

“The moment the light bulb turns on for a pupil who has struggled with something is so rewarding. When pupils are struggling more than others, they’re the ones who need your guidance and support to help them be the best they can be. When you start to see a difference in their progress you know it’s all been worth it.”

If you are considering Teaching as a career Katie’s words of advice are,

“Work experience is so important prior to becoming a teacher which you will get in your placements and NQT year. Being able to cope in high pressure situations when there is a lot going on the classroom is something you will learn from the work experience. I really love my job and would highly recommend it, to those who have a passion for helping young people achieve.”

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