Katy Cameron - Community Impact Advisor

Katy Cameron - Community Impact Advisor

What is your name?

Katy Rose Cameron

What company do you currently work for?


What is your job title?

Community Impact Advisor

Provide a brief description of your business


Describe your career pathway after leaving school

I left school with little idea about what I wanted to do. I decided to do a HND in Legal Services, whilst doing this I realised I had a keen interest in Law but didn't necessarily want to do it as a job. I didn't want to give it up completely, so I applied for my BA Hons in Law and Management at Robert Gordon University where I was accepted and granted direct access into 3rd year. Upon finishing my degree, I began as a Graduate Management Trainee at a car rental company. This taught me a lot of transferable skills but ultimately showed me what I didn't want to do as a career. Whilst looking at other available jobs, I came across my current role. Unqualified in the sector, I didn't think I would hear anything but I knew it was something that, with time, I would really enjoy and be good at. To my surprise and delight, I got a phone call for an interview and now here I am.

What school subjects would be helpful for your job role?

I had no inkling whilst I was at school this is a role that I would end up in, but I would say Business Management and Administration are a good place to start.

What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

My favourite thing about my current role is the people that I get to work with, whether this be the people within the company, our clients or the community.

In my role, no two days are the same. Having such a diverse workload keeps everyday interesting. I get to work with so many different people, from fellow employees on our sites, to meeting with our clients to understand their expectations, to working with the community to fulfil these expectations along with the expectations we set for ourselves on the positive impact we can make on the communities that we are working within. It is such a rewarding role!

Why did you want to work in this industry?

For me, it was the company first and then the industry second. Robertson has always been a business that I have known of and had aspired to work for. As for the construction industry, what attracted me was how diverse the workforce is - there are hundreds of different roles within construction and some I had never heard of before starting at Robertson. There is an incredible scope for development and progression.

Did you ever want to pursue another career?

When leaving university, I wanted to go into some form of Project Management or Business Development role. Whilst this isn't exactly what I do, it very much interlinks so I would say I am at the beginning of the career I desired.

. . . . .

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