Kiera Wright - Graduate Apprentice Engineer

Kiera Wright - Graduate Apprentice Engineer

What is your name?

Kiera Wright

What company do you currently work for?

AES Solar

What is your job title?

Graduate Apprentice Engineer

Provide a brief description of your business

AES Solar is a Moray-based solar panel manufacturer and installer.

Describe your career pathway after leaving school

When I left Buckie High School, I went straight to college to study engineering.

I was a part of a Shell Engineering scheme at NESCol Fraserburgh. This was a two-year programme, however I had to cut a year short due to Covid-19 and travel.

After this, I did a HNC in Engineering Systems at Moray College UHI.

I now study a degree in Instrumentation Measurement and Control, while working at AES Solar.

Have you ever been an apprentice?

Yes, I am currently a Graduate Apprentice Engineer.

The Graduate Apprenticeship involves studying for a degree whilst being in full-time employment. I thoroughly enjoy the experience, as I am able to live locally while getting a degree at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and get a wage.

I would encourage those who wish to gain work experience as well as gain qualifications to peruse an apprenticeship. They are ideal for those wishing to stay closer to home.

What school subjects would be helpful for your role?

  • Physics
  • Maths
  • Engineering Science
  • Graphic Communication

What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

My favourite thing about my job is that I'm constantly learning new things. The upside of working in an ever growing industry is that technology is always advancing and changing, providing new opportunities to learn. It's also helpful working with a team of people who are always there to provide support and help.

Why did you want to work in this industry?

The renewable energy industry is an industry I've always wanted to work in, as it is the future of energy. As mentioned previously, the industry can only advance. It is an exciting industry to be a part of due to its opportunities for engineers.

]Did you ever want to pursue another career?

To begin with, I wanted to become a Draughtsperson and create 2D and 3D schematics and systems. I always like the creative aspect of designing on a computer and it has always interested me. I loved graphic communication in Buckie High School and making things on AutoCAD Inverter. Luckily, in my role, I am able to use AutoCAD daily to create schematics.

What does a typical day in your role involve?

A typical day for me involves a lot of communication between my colleagues and customers. I am responsible for submitting applications to SSE and Scottish Power on behalf of customers to gain permission to install. I always create layout drawings for our panels, quote maintenance for customers and take time to study for my degree.

What skills are required to do your job?

Communication is key, as it's important to know how to communicate with both colleagues and customers to keep things flowing. Organisation is very important to keep on top of things.

What is your advice to young people who are considering working in this sector?

Anyone wishing to work in the renewable sector should definitely consider it, if they'd like a job that's rewarding and every changing. It's an opportunity to learn and grow with the sector. It will definitely never be boring.

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