Kristy Black - Senior Personal Banker

Kristy Black - Senior Personal Banker

Name, Age and Hometown.

Kirsty Black, Age 26, Forres

Job title (list all job titles for the duration of employment).

I am currently a Senior Personal Banker. Previous I have been a: Personal Banker, Associate Personal Banker and Customer Service Officer. I have been working with the Royal Bank of Scotland for 5 years.

What attracted you to the industry you are in?

The opportunities to learn new skills and develop.

Describe your day-to-day role.

My day to day role involves primarily conducting Financial Health Check appointments with customers either face to face or by telephone. My role involves guiding and supporting customers with their financial wellbeing.

What kind of training have you done?

I have completed customer service workshops, leadership programmes, ongoing coaching, skill-building, and on the job training.

What skills have you learned?

Customer service, effective communication, adaptability, relationship building, attentiveness, decision making, flexibility, empathy, patience, and knowledge of banking regulations/services/products.

Have you completed any professional qualifications? If yes, provide details.

Professional Banking Certificate to obtain Chartered Banker Accredited status. This is a recognised qualification from the Chartered Banker Institute.

Do you like living and working in Moray? Explain why/ why not.

Yes – I’m close to home with this role as I am family orientated.

What skills are the most important for you to do your job well?

Communication, empathy, motivation, proactivity.

Was there anything about the job that surprised you?

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t learn something new or come across something I have not experienced before.

Is there anything unusual about your role?

My role doesn’t change day to day however not one customer interaction is the same as another.

Do you get a lot of support from your company?

Yes, my managers support me in wanting to bring my best to work each day. The bank offers a range of support systems that are easily accessible.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Truly making a difference to our customers and their lives.

Did you always want to pursue a career in this industry?

It’s not something I had ever considered before until my brother who worked in the bank at the time had suggested it as a career option and gave me insight into the banking industry.

What is your advice for young school leavers looking to start an apprenticeship?

It’s the best thing you could do. You can learn and earn money whilst developing yourself and learning new skills.

What is your career goal?

To continue to build my skills and development within the bank.

How does it feel to be a KeyWorker on the frontline, supporting the Country’s fight against Covid-19?

There is an element of anxiety as this is a worrying time however the bank has taken lots of precautions to protect customers and staff including PPE and social distancing measures. I am proud to contributing and supporting customers in these unprecedented times.

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