Marion Stewart - Social Services Foundation Apprentice

Marion Stewart - Social Services Foundation Apprentice

1. How did you find out about Foundation Apprenticeships?

I found out about the apprenticeship through a lady from the Moray College UHI who came into the school to do a talk about it and it sounded interesting.

2. What type of apprenticeship did you?

The Foundation Apprenticeship I chose to partake in was Social Services (Children & Young People).

3. Which Employer did you do your Foundation Apprenticeship with?

Stramash Social Enterprise is an outdoor nursery that kindly took me on to help me achieve my Foundation Apprenticeship.

4. What Career did I want to do when I left school?

I thought that I wanted to go into childcare when I was at school that is why I took the Foundation Apprenticeship course. However, whilst I was at school I start a part time job as a laborer which I really enjoyed and knew that I wanted to go into something to do with construction. I didn't see the point of dropping out of the course as I was still enjoying it and it also meant that I would have an extra qualification to put on my CV when I was finished.

5. What subjects did you enjoy at school?

Scots Language, English and Biology.

6. Why did you decide to do a Foundation Apprenticeship?

I wanted to gain a hands on experience whilst I was still at school. I also wanted to gain a qualification and have some more independence.

7. What did I most enjoy about the Foundation Apprenticeship?

Looking back at the Foundation Apprenticeship I enjoyed many things including, meeting new friends from around Moray and learning the theory behind children and young people. My favourite part of this apprenticeship was getting to go out on my placement and working with such amazing people.

8. What did you learn during your Foundations Apprenticeship?

I learnt all about the Development of Children and Young People, Play for Children and Young People, Promote the Wellbeing and Safety of Children and Young People and Communication with Children and Young People. Also learnt about getting hands on experience learn how all that I had learnt in my first year went into practise when I was out on placement and how the practitioner observes the children and record their progress. Although I really enjoyed everything, it was not for me and not the career path I want to go down.

9. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about a Foundation Apprenticeship?

I would say to anyone who is considering doing a Foundation Apprenticeship in Social Services (Children & Young People) to definitely go for it if you are considering pursuing a career in children care. You learn so much from the well-being right through to all play this also means you get to play a lot. You will also learn lifelong skills and get all the help you may require from your lecturer and the staff on your placement.

To find out more about studying this qualification, head over to the Moray College UHI website or speak to your guidance teacher -

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