Rachael Kelman - Business Skills Foundation Apprenticeship

Rachael Kelman - Business Skills Foundation Apprenticeship

1. What’s your name? What school do/did you go to? What year are you in?

Rachael Kelman, I go to Speyside High School and I am in my Sixth Year.

2. How did you find out about Foundation Apprenticeships?

I found out about Foundation Apprenticeships through the school when I had to make my choices.

3. What type of Apprenticeship did you/are you doing?

I am going into my Second Year of doing the Business Skills Foundation Apprenticeship.

4. What career did/do you want to do when you leave Secondary School?

For leaving Secondary School, I always wanted to do something involved in Sports. However, throughout lock-down I became more interested in cooking and want to go on to do a Professional Cookery course at college and possibly do personal training/sports therapy or coaching in my spare time.

5. What subjects did/do you enjoy in Secondary School?

I enjoy Physical Education and Health and Food Technology the most.

6. Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship?

I decided to do an apprenticeship as I knew that a business qualification could help with any type of job I wanted to get into. It would allow me to build my confidence and communication skills and understand how work was done in that kind of environment, helping with my understanding of business in the future.

7. What did/do you enjoy most about your Apprenticeship?

I am still to do a year of my Apprenticeship, however, I have enjoyed getting to meet new people and become more confident within my work. It has grown my business knowledge and is making me feel more prepared to leave school with qualifications and confidence to work. I also enjoyed all the group work with other pupils who were doing the apprenticeship. I made loads of new friends and gained the confidence of working with other people to make sure we all did our best in the qualification.

8. What did you learn during your Apprenticeship?

I learnt a lot in my Apprenticeship especially about the different software needed in Business. I had done multiple courses at Secondary School including administration and business management but this increased my knowledge and allowed me to work on being a better person and have the confidence in my work.

9. What advice would you give to anyone else considering an Apprenticeship?

I would tell anyone to do the apprenticeship. I think that it can help a lot with growing people's understanding of a workplace and what they may require in any business. If you're not sure what you want to do when you leave school this a great qualification that you could use in any business in your future.

It has helped me a lot with my confidence and being able to communicate with lovely lecturers and other students have definitely made me speak out more and get help when needed. I think the qualification is so good as it teaches you everything you need to know in business and gets you the chance to go to an actual workplace and use those skills to the test.

To find out more about studying this qualification, head over to the Moray College UHI website or speak to your guidance teacher - https://www.moray.uhi.ac.uk/sc...

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