Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Scottish Apprenticeship Week

To mark Scottish Apprenticeship Week (7-11 March 2022) Jolene created displays within her two schools, Speyside High and Lossiemouth High which provided details on:

  • The Apprenticeship Family and the benefits of each route
  • Current Modern Apprentice and Graduate Apprenticeship vacancies
  • Available Foundation Apprenticeship Pathways

The displays also contained links to read about previous apprentice case studies which can be found on the DYW Moray website and a Question-and-Answer session. Pupils were also directed to the campaign which was being run across DYW Moray’s social media platforms which our modern apprentices, Emma and Phillip, had created.

The boards were displayed in the Atrium at Lossiemouth High School and outside the library in Speyside High school which ensured that they were visible to all students and staff.

In addition to the display at Lossiemouth High School, Jolene worked with the SDS CIAG, Jayne Porter, to pull together a short Powerpoint Presentation to be delivered within the UPS classes. The presentation provided more information about each of the apprenticeship routes and had video exerts from Moray young people discussing their apprenticeship experience. The pupils were then given Apprenticeship Word Searches that they were asked to complete and post in a box beside the display. The word search sheet also contained the following question “Are you interested in an apprenticeship” and pupils were instructed to circle which, if applicable.

The rationale behind including the question was to allow targeted discussions to take place between any pupil who indicated they were interested in an apprenticeship and the SDS CIAG/guidance teachers. From the 86 word searches returned, 33 pupils indicated that they were interested in one or more of the apprenticeship family with Foundation Apprentice being the most popular.

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