Seeing the smiles on my students faces was so worth it

Seeing the smiles on my students faces was so worth it

Making links with parents and the local community to support learning in our classroom can often prove difficult and be time-consuming. Therefore, when I was given the leaflet promoting DYW Moray at an In-service I knew I would make use of this contact.

From that day I have made regular requests from DYW and have always been met with a friendly, enthusiastic and can-do attitude. No request is too big/small and a short timescale does not phase the team.

DYW has made it easier for me to support the children in our school to make connections with the skills needed in the real world, through learning about the world of work and learning for the world of work. Learning is more relevant to our children.

We have been involved in projects such as:

  • Engineer visits – to support the planning and design process, resulting in us building a full size gingerbread house
  • Questions and Answers Session with Engineers – which allowed us to take part in ‘The Scottish Engineering Leaders Award’
  • Class Visits - the Curator of Elgin Museum supported us with a project about Dinosaurs and accountants have visited to support us with teaching budgeting
  • Whole School Workshops – mini workshops were arranged for the whole school which were attended by 6 different employees who talked to the children about how they use maths in their job

This year visits to school are restricted but still, Aimee has managed to contact 8 Employers who have created short videos to support our learning about maths in everyday jobs during maths week Scotland.

Children need to be aware of the world of work and of the skills needed and the opportunities around them. Having access to employers opens up new avenues that some children didn’t know existed. It makes learning real, relevant and fun.

I know that the team at DYW will support any request and they welcome a challenge. Making learning interesting and meaningful to children is easy with their support. The children love to engage with visitors and ask questions about things they didn’t know before or didn’t understand.

My advice to all would be to make the connection with DYW. The support we have received over the past 2 years has supported excellent learning and teaching within our school. It is these visits and fun interactions that the children go on to remember.

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