The World of Work Meets "Frustration" Board Game

The World of Work Meets "Frustration" Board Game

Hazel said,

"Being closely linked with DYW Moray, I was pleased to be asked to deliver an activity for the Summer programme.

I have always believed that practical methods for teaching get the best results. It gives everyone a chance to get involved. I have been developing a way to deliver Health and Safety courses by gamifying. Most of the subjects that we deliver at The Training Folk are not that exciting, so we are always looking at ways to make the courses and subject matter a little more interesting and fun.

Being a child growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s, board games were always played in our house. So, I started to look at adapting these to a workplace situation.

One of my favourites has always been the game frustration. Its easy to play and is so easily adapted.

With the summer programme in mind, I thought, why not go bigger and instead of having only 4 players, why not make the counters actual people?

I then looked at how I would make a life-sized board and of course Amazon always has something you can use.

Some children’s foam play mats and an inflatable dice and we are ready to go!

To make the game more interesting I decided to make up some questions which if answered correctly would move players faster round the board.

This was probably the hardest bit, making up questions that suit the group you are playing with. I decided on a real mixture of general knowledge, the local area and some more related to the world of work.

The kids were brilliant. They all got involved and got quite competitive towards the end. I really expected that after the first team got all their players back, that would be the end of the game. But no, they wanted to see who came second, third and fourth.

I got a warm welcome from the team and the kids and I really enjoyed my time with them.

Favourite answer of the day – “Name a job beginning with the letter K”

Answer - Killer

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