Are you part of the Moray Council?

No, we are an employer-led board however, Moray Council is one of our key partners along with Skills Development Scotland and Moray College UHI. We all work collaboratively to achieve the DYW agenda.

What does a strategic partnership with a school look like?

A strategic partnership involves a long term commitment from an employer to a school(s) to help them better prepare their young people for the world of work. The partnership would involve both parties coming together to establish a common language in order to offer more opportunities in order to achieve this.

I am a small business with only a few employees – can I still get involved?

Absolutely - Moray is made up of mostly Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) thus, we encourage smaller organisations to get involved with us as this then allows young people to understand the business landscape across Moray and where the jobs are going to be in the future. Depending on your availability you can get involved on an ad-hoc basis as and when it suits your business.

What do you do with 3-year-olds if your age range is 3-24?

As young as three years of age, young people are learning about the world of work. DYW Moray are encouraging Nursery Managers to challenge gender career stereotypes by bringing opposing genders in to the stereotype when introducing different job roles for example, a male nurse or a female police officer.

Is a graduate apprenticeship for graduates?

No, a Graduate Apprenticeship is a Degree Level Qualification which a full-time employee can study over the course of four years with you via online virtual learning or by attending university up to once a week. There are a number of different subjects available which are not restricted by age and will allow businesses to better equip their workforce for their future needs. There is also fully funded spaces available for businesses in Moray to take advantage of.

Is Foundation Apprenticeships, the same level as was a Foundation Level Standard Grade?

No, a Foundation Apprenticeship is at the same level as a Scottish Higher(s) offered to S5 and S6s which involves them studying a qualification on day release at Moray College UHI and doing work experience with a local employer. To complete the qualification, it can take up to two years, however, the young person leaves with an industry recognised qualification and a significant amount of practical work experience on their CV.

As a teacher, how can I implement the DYW agenda without increasing my workload?

You can firstly identify subject areas which can link with a particular industry and discuss this link with your pupils through the delivery of a subject. DYW Moray can arrange employers to come into the classroom, work experience opportunities, workplace visits, workshops and training which will provide context around the industry link to that subject. The only ask is that you get in touch for us to arrange it. The aim of DYW is to get it embedded into the Curriculum and not create extra workload for education staff.

Schools are limited with transport funding for workplace visits for pupils, how can we get around this?

DYW Moray has created videos of workplaces in Moray and the businesses themselves can come in and speak to pupils about their experiences of work. DYW Moray and the Moray Council Education Department are also trying to host events which are more accessible for all through transport which is already available. Historic Environment Scotland also offer a significant subsidy on transport costs as long as you visit one of their sites on route to your workplace visit. Please contact us for more information on this.

What DYW resources are there for teachers/lecturers?

Firstly, the DYW Moray group is a staff resource that you can utilise to get employer contacts. We also have some very inspirational industry focused short films on our Youtube page. Furthermore, with the Moray Skills Pathway Initiative ongoing there are/will be many more resources that you can access by contacting your Education Support Officer including real life career profiles and activity overview guides.

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