Ask 1: Prepare young people for the world of work

Ask 1: Prepare young people for the world of work

Your business can offer vital experience of the workplace as young people explore their options and investigate opportunities.

To commit to Ask 1: Prepare young people for the world of work, you could:

  • Offer a work placement, or perhaps the work experience element of a Foundation Apprenticeship. Or a more bespoke arrangement can be made with your local school or college.
  • Form a school or college partnership. These are strategic partnerships between your organisation and one or more schools or colleges. The aim of the partnership is to support young people in education with their understanding and readiness for work. Every partnership will be different and should be developed collaboratively, considering the needs and constraints of the employers and education providers alike. Generally, partnerships are a longer-term commitment of between one and three years and involve multiple engagements with the schools or college over the academic year.

There is now a DYW Moray School Coordinator in every secondary school in Moray who can work with you and the school to help set up the partnerships and plan and deliver the right activities for you.

There are lots of benefits of committing to Ask 1: Prepare young people for the world of work, including:

  • Increased business profile within the community
  • Earlier access to future talent
  • The opportunity to develop and motivate your existing staff
  • Increased awareness of your industry and organisation
  • Meeting your corporate social responsibility
  • Supporting the curriculum to be industry-focused to prepare young people for their future career

The Young Person’s Guarantee is funded by the Scottish Government and is a commitment to bring together employers and young people and with the aim of connecting every 16–24-year-old in Scotland with a job, work placement, training, or volunteering opportunity.

To join the Young Person’s Guarantee, it’s simple! Whether it’s one, two, three, four, or five, you can choose how many of the 5 Asks you commit to.

Over 180 businesses and organisations across Scotland, including several in Moray, have already joined the Young Person’s Guarantee. Are you going to be next?

To get involved with the Young Person’s Guarantee, contact today!

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