Ask 2: Help all young people achieve their potential

Ask 2: Help all young people achieve their potential

You have the ability to give young people a chance to see roles and opportunities available to them by providing an insight to your workplace. Help all young people achieve their full potential by engaging with and opening opportunities for those who face additional barriers.

To commit to Ask 2: Help all young people achieve their potential, you could:

  • Give a talk or workplace visit, so that young people can experience what is involved with the roles at your workplace.
  • Give valuable practical assistance through interview preparation and CV writing workshops, mock interviews, or career talks. Many young people lack experience in applying for jobs. You can support them by helping them to develop their CV and understand how to write a good job application. You can help young people practice for job interviews by conducting mock interviews with them. This helps them prepare for the type of questions they might get asked and overcome some nerves.
  • Young people who face barriers to work can benefit from one-to-one support and guidance. By mentoring a young person looking for work, you can help build their confidence, skills, and network. This could be a formal mentoring program such as MCR Pathways, Career Ready, internal programme, or a less formal arrangement with a school. Mentoring is generally a commitment of a minimum of one hour per week.

There are lots of benefits of committing to Ask 2: Help all young people achieve their potential, including:

  • Enhanced creativity and innovation through a fresh perspective
  • Support and develop your diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Improved staff engagement and retention
  • Competitive advantage within your industry
  • Positive workplace culture
  • Helping other achieve their potential
  • Achieving your full business capability

The Young Person’s Guarantee is funded by the Scottish Government and is a commitment to bring together employers and young people and with the aim of connecting every 16–24-year-old in Scotland with a job, work placement, training, or volunteering opportunity.

To join the Young Person’s Guarantee, it’s simple! Whether it’s one, two, three, four, or five, you can choose how many of the 5 Asks you commit to.

Over 180 businesses and organisations across Scotland, including several in Moray, have already joined the Young Person’s Guarantee. Are you going to be next?

To get involved with the Young Person’s Guarantee, contact today!

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