Ask 3: Invest in a skilled workforce

Ask 3: Invest in a skilled workforce

Providing learning, training, and upskilling opportunities for young people lets you build a workforce with the right skills and experience.

There are lots of benefits of committing to Ask 3: Invest in a skilled workforce, including:

  • A skilled workforce for now and in the future
  • Unlocked potential
  • Increased loyalty
  • Fewer skills gaps
  • Gaining a competitive advantage

To commit to Ask 3: Invest in a skilled workforce, you could:

Offer Modern Apprenticeships

A Modern Apprenticeship is a job which lets young people earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification. As an employer, taking on a Modern Apprentice will allow you to:

  • Get tailored, flexible training to meet your business needs
  • Attract fresh talent and develop the workforce of the future
  • Upskill your existing employees
  • Improve your productivity, staff morale and quality of service
  • Retain talent, reducing your recruitment costs

Offer Graduate Apprenticeships

Graduate Apprenticeships can provide work-based learning opportunities for new and existing employees up to Master's level. Graduate Apprentices are:

  • Work-based learning opportunities that are supported by Scotland's top colleges and universities
  • Designed by industry for your specific business needs
  • A good opportunity for you to develop and retain skilled employees who understand your business
  • Great for improving your productivity, morale, staff retention and quality of service

The Young Person’s Guarantee is funded by the Scottish Government and is a commitment to bring together employers and young people and with the aim of connecting every 16–24-year-old in Scotland with a job, work placement, training, or volunteering opportunity.

To join the Young Person’s Guarantee, it’s simple! Whether it’s one, two, three, four, or five, you can choose how many of the 5 Asks you commit to.

Over 180 businesses and organisations across Scotland, including several in your local area, have already joined the Young Person’s Guarantee. Are you going to be next?

To get involved with the Young Person’s Guarantee, contact today!

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