Ask 4: Create jobs and apprenticeships

Ask 4: Create jobs and apprenticeships

Creating opportunities to support the Young Person’s Guarantee.

To commit to Ask 4: Create jobs and apprenticeships, you could support a national or local job creation programme which support employers to create jobs for young people nationally or locally and can provide funding to employers to help with associated costs.

Supporting National Job Creation Programmes

These are several UK and Scotland wide programmes designed to support employers from all sectors to create more jobs for young people. These often include financial support for employers for a fixed period to help with salary, onboarding, or training costs and some include pre-employment and in-work support.

Supporting Local Job Creation Programmes

Local authorities and other partners may have more localised programmes aimed specifically at young people in a certain region. Employers often receive financial support for a fixed period to help with salary, onboarding, and training costs. Some also benefit from pre-employment and in-work support.

Developing Community Benefit and Procurement Commitments

Public sector contracts and funding often come with requirements to support people in work. This often provides an opportunity for young people to enter the world of work.

The Young Person’s Guarantee is funded by the Scottish Government and is a commitment to bring together employers and young people and with the aim of connecting every 16–24-year-old in Scotland with a job, work placement, training, or volunteering opportunity.

To join the Young Person’s Guarantee, it’s simple! Whether it’s one, two, three, four, or five, you can choose how many of the 5 Asks you commit to.

Over 120 businesses and organisations across Scotland, including several in your local area, have already joined the Young Person’s Guarantee. Are you going to be next?

To get involved with the Young Person’s Guarantee, contact today!

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