How Foundation Apprenticeships help you shape the next generation of talent

How Foundation Apprenticeships help you shape the next generation of talent

Give a young person a chance and join thousands of employers across Scotland.

Foundation Apprenticeships provide work-based learning opportunities for secondary school pupils. They are a real chance for young people, with real business benefits – and at no direct cost to you as an employer.

By getting involved with Foundation Apprenticeships, you get early access to future talent, by providing school pupils with real experience of the world of work. This helps them to achieve an industry-recognised qualification and helps you to develop your talent pipeline.

Young people spend time gaining work experience in your business as part of their studies in S5 and S6. A learning provider will also support you by training the apprentice towards their qualification and help them to undertake real projects for your business.


In a recent survey carried out by Skills Development Scotland, 96% of Foundation Apprentice employers said they were a good way to develop the young workforce*.

Almost all employers who had taken on a Foundation Apprentice (97%) were planning to continue with the programme, and they reported wider benefits than just getting early access to future talent.

For 80% of the employers, it improved the sector’s image with young people. And for 78% it allowed the business to upskill staff and for 74% it brought new knowledge and skills into the organisation.

The benefits that the existing workforce gains through the experience are also important, not least what they learn in terms of coaching and mentoring the young people.

Foundation Apprenticeships allow employers to spot and inspire talented, motivated pupils who could become your future employees and help reduce recruitment costs. And there is no direct cost to you as an employer.

Regional context

By giving S5 and S6 pupils practical industry skills and experience, you could shape their career and the future of your company.

Every secondary school in Moray offers Foundation Apprenticeships through Moray College UHI, but they are a well-kept secret. The number of employers in the region offering Foundation Apprenticeship placements is still in single figures, however as the benefits of the qualification become more widely understood, this figure will need to increase.

Cindy Gee, Foundation Apprenticeship Coordinator at Moray College UHI, said: “The beauty of the Foundation Apprenticeship is that the pupil can try a sector they are interested in, come to college to study the underpinning knowledge stuff and then I find them a work placement for one day a week for the rest of the academic year.”

So, what are the chances an apprentice could strengthen your business? Every chance. And remember, the most valuable thing you can give a young person is a chance.

Find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships at or contact Cindy Gee, Foundation Apprenticeship Coordinator at Moray College UHI, on 01343 576430 / 07833 496848 or

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