Local Keith businessman revives redundant laptops to help students with their lockdown learning

Local Keith businessman revives redundant laptops to help students with their lockdown learning

Local Keith businessman Steven Dunbar, director of Clan Partners, decided to turn a ‘Covid lockdown weekend’ into a family project. After watching a TV programme on home learning where young people were undertaking schoolwork on their mobile devices as they’d no access to a computer, an inspirational thought came to Steven’s mind. “I was watching a program one night about a month ago and it was about kids doing their schoolwork on their mobile phone, I have two daughters of my own that I help with their schoolwork and thought this is terrible, you can’t expect young people to be able to carry out work on their mobile phones”

Being a father of two teenage girls that attend Keith Grammar School, Steven knows more than anyone the challenges that young people are facing. This prompted Steven into a course of action where he was determined to make a difference to home school learning. Steven managed to source laptops from three other businesses he shares a building with and is extremely grateful for their contributions. “I would like to thank Andy Weir at GQS, Fiona Wallis at Global Resources and Craig Phillips at Granite Recruitment for their very kind donations. Without their contributions this project would not have been possible”

Being a former IT manager and keen to have a productive family lockdown weekend, Steven asked his two teenage daughters Katie and Lilly if they’d like to be involved in a family project. The girls were delighted and welcomed this opportunity to be involved with something that was so close to home. The trio spent their lockdown weekend on this family project where Steven was teaching his girls how to format, rebuild and install the relevant software and accounts onto each laptop along with a thorough anti-bacterial Covid clean on all equipment before it was supplied to Keith Grammar School on the 1st of February. Steven said, “If it helps one kid then the whole project has been worthwhile”.

Kevin Pirie, Deputy Head of Keith Grammar School and DYW lead has informed us that the thirteen laptops are being used to support young people to access their online learning whilst we are in lockdown. Mr Pirie said;

“As a school and an authority we have been supporting pupils and providing IT equipment anyway, but this obviously helps even further. Having an extra device in the household provides support for the family in general”.

Mr Pirie went on to say;

“We are absolutely delighted, and very grateful for the kind donation of laptops from Steven and his colleagues. It's fantastic to be part of such a supportive community where everyone is trying to help our young people become the best that they can be. I am excited about the opportunities that we can bring to our young people through working closely with these partners in the future”

The one thing that we can take away in these challenging times, is that one inspirational thought and act of kindness can make all the difference!

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