Online links improved to get Moray young people into work

Online links improved to get Moray young people into work

MORAY businesses and students can now benefit from streamlined online links to boost employment chances for young people.

Developing the Young Workforce Moray (DYW Moray) is encouraging the use of an online "Marketplace" operated by its partner, Skills Development Scotland, and a website run by charity Founders4Schools.

The two sites aim to make it easier for employers to connect with young people and vice-versa.

Sarah Baxter, manager of government-funded DYW Moray, said: "Harnessing the use of these two user-friendly websites means there is now essentially a ‘two-stop shop’ which will meet the needs of employers, teachers, lecturers and young people looking for help to get them into the workplace or to access experiences relating to the working world.

"We are encouraging employers to sign up to Founders4Schools to opt in to receiving school and/or college requests to engage with their young people. For Marketplace, if an employer has an opportunity they would like to offer to young people in our region then they can upload this to the website now."

Training sessions will be offered to teachers and lecturers on using both platforms, which will work in parallel to provide career talks, workplace visits, careers fairs, mock interviews and mentoring.

Sarah Baxter of DYW Moray.

Up until now, teachers and lecturers have been directly emailing employers or contacting DYW to arrange workplace contact. The two sites will streamline this process.

Miss Baxter added: "We are officially launching the use of these sites at two events in February. One is in association with Moray Chamber of Commerce and the other is with Moray Business Women’s Club where we will meet with both organisations and present to the attendees about these two new websites and how to get the best use out of them.

"We felt that initially making contact with important business groups in the region was a sensible way to get the message out there. We are also happy to offer training on how to use the sites to employers. All they need to do is get in contact to set up an appointment."

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