Success as employers sign up as STEM ambassadors

Success as employers sign up as STEM ambassadors

In September, Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Moray combined forces with the STEM Ambassadors programme to hold their first in-person event of 2021.

Over 20 employers attended the business breakfast held at Moray College to find out more about how to become an ambassador for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths).

Debbie Mathers, regional programme manager from STEM Ambassadors, explained the benefits to attendees as well as how they could join in.

STEM Ambassadors is a UK-wide volunteer scheme for employers who work in STEM sectors and who are passionate about inspiring the next generation and supporting the local community.

Debbie said: “Ambassadors are volunteers that are passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths and want to share their enthusiasm and experience with young people.

“The aim is to encourage more young people to study STEM or pursue STEM careers.

“We have over 37,000 volunteers who are already working to bring the subject to life in classrooms and communities around the country.

“Anyone can be a STEM ambassador, whether they are apprentices or students, at any point in their career or retired.

“The only requirement is to be passionate about STEM.”

Popular event

Aimee Stephen, business liaison at DYW Moray, said: “This was such a popular event for employers in the region and we are delighted with the success.

“Promoting STEM subjects is becoming ever more relevant

as the skills needed in our future workforce continue to evolve.

“The majority of careers now involve some kind of STEM, and this will only continue to grow so we need to prepare young people for that job market.

“Working with STEM Ambassadors highlighted the benefits both for the employer and employee of becoming a volunteer.

“Whether in more motivated employees, increasing communication skills or access to the wider network, the benefits align closely with what businesses get from working with DYW Moray.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work with STEM Ambassadors - as well as employers and schools - to provide more opportunities for young people to be better prepared for the world of work.” logo Aberdeen Science Centre logo Career Ready logo Moray College UHI logo My World of Work logo Marketplace logo Moray Pathways logo