What is a Foundation Apprenticeship?

What is a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Foundation Apprenticeships give both young people and employers a head start.

These industry-recognised qualifications give work-based learning opportunities for secondary school pupils while helping businesses develop their talent pipelines.

Foundation Apprenticeships are designed alongside industry, providing the skills that employers need. They give a qualification at the same level as a Higher, recognised by all Scottish colleges and universities

Young people spend time gaining work experience in a business as part of their studies in S5 and S6, getting industry knowledge and experience while they’re still at school.

In turn, Foundation Apprenticeships let employers spot and inspire talented, motivated pupils who could become their future employees and help reduce recruitment costs.

Student choices

Through Moray College UHI, there are six Foundation Apprenticeship subjects to choose from at SCQF Level 6 and two Foundation Apprenticeship subjects at SCQF Level 4/5.

At Level 6, there is:

  • Business Skills
  • Creative and Digital Media
  • Engineering
  • Food and Drink Technologies
  • Social Services Children and Young People
  • Social Services and Healthcare

At Level 4/5, there is:

  • Hospitality
  • Construction

A key difference for students from other subject choices is that as well as classroom learning they gain valuable industry experience with a wide range of employers.

All apprenticeships have been designed in partnership with employers to make sure students get the industry knowledge and experience that strengthen their CV.

Whatever they want to do after school – progressing into a job, including a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship, or going to college or university – a Foundation Apprenticeship can widen their options.

Employer options

For the employer, Foundation Apprenticeships offer school pupils real experience of the world of work. With the support of a learning provider, the apprentice is trained towards their qualification and can help tackle real projects for their business.

They get early access to future talent who could become a valuable and skilled part of their team. By giving S5 and S6 pupils practical industry skills and experience, they can shape their career and the future of their company.

You can give yourself or your business a head start now.

Find out more about Foundation Apprenticeships at bit.ly/DYWapprentices or contact Cindy Gee, Foundation Apprenticeship Coordinator at Moray College UHI, on 01343 576430 / 07833 496848 or Cindy.Gee.Moray@uhi.ac.uk.

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