Why sign up to the Young Person’s Guarantee?

Why sign up to the Young Person’s Guarantee?

As employers, you can build a workforce with the right skills and experience and put young people at the heart of what you do.

By joining the Young Person’s Guarantee, you are showing your commitment to young people.

The £60million initiative is part of a total of £100million for employment support and training announced by the Scottish Government to tackle employment challenges. Ten million pounds of this will be used to support a range of measures to recruit and retain apprentices.

Inspire young people to gain the skills they need

You'll get to prepare and inspire school pupils and college students to gain the skills they need for the world of work.

Ellon-based construction business KR Group was one of the first companies to sign up to the initiative in the North East.

Nicola Fraser, Director, said: “As a company, we strongly believe in supporting and inspiring the next generation of construction professionals.

“We think it’s important to build links with young people to promote the construction industry in a positive light and advertise the array of opportunities that are available.”

There are loads of benefits to this, including:

  • increased business profile within the community
  • earlier access to future talent
  • the opportunity to develop and motivate your existing staff
  • increased awareness of your industry and organisation
  • meeting your corporate social responsibility
  • supporting the curriculum to be industry-focused to prepare young people for their future career

Committed to help connecting young people

Another early adopter has been Aberdeenshire-based ACE Winches, a Balmoral Group company.

Shirley Butcher, HR Manager, said: “It was important for ACE Winches to sign up to the Young Person’s Guarantee because we are committed to help connecting young people in our local area to opportunities, through apprenticeships, work experience or general career advice.

“We want to help young people with the skills and knowledge of the workplace as they begin their career journey.”

Important to re-engage

The Young Person's Guarantee is employer-led. You are key to making a difference in a young person's life by giving them an opportunity to get education, experience and employment.

Mary Holland, Director of Developing the Young Workforce North East, said: “The Young Person's Guarantee is a commitment to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Scotland to an opportunity.

“It has been a tough time for everyone recently, but especially our young people.

“It’s been a real challenge not being able to keep up the work we do in schools, which is why it’s so important for employers to re-engage with young people.

“The Young Person’s Guarantee allows us to accelerate the work we’ve been doing over the last seven years and work with more employers and encourage other employers to get involved.”

The 5 “Asks”

There are five “asks” that can guide and inspire you on how you choose to interact.

And whether it’s one, two or all five, you can choose how many of them you commit to.

Ask 1: Prepare young people for the world of work

Your business can offer vital experience of the workplace as young people explore their options and investigate opportunities.

You could offer a traditional five-day placement or a more bespoke arrangement made with your local school or college. Or perhaps you could form a school or college partnership. These are strategic partnerships between your organisation and one or more schools or colleges.

Ask 2: Help all young people achieve their potential

You have the ability to give young people a chance to see roles and opportunities available to them by providing an insight to your workplace.

Maybe you would like to give your inspiration with a talk or workplace visit, so that young people can experience what is involved with the roles at your workplace.

Or some valuable practical assistance can come through interview preparation and CV writing workshops, mock interviews or career talks.

Young people who face barriers to work can benefit from one-to-one support and guidance. By mentoring a young person looking for work, you can help build their confidence, skills and network.

Ask 3: Invest in a skilled workforce

Providing learning, training, and upskilling opportunities for young people lets you build a workforce with the right skills and experience.

A modern apprenticeship is a job which lets young people earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification. Or a graduate apprenticeship can provide work-based learning opportunities for new and existing employees up to Master's level.

Ask 4: Create jobs and apprenticeships

Another route to take can be in supporting a national or local job creation programme.

These support employers to create jobs for young people nationally or locally and can provide funding to employers to help with associated costs.

Ask 5: Create an inclusive and fair workplace

By adopting fair work practices and improving the equality and inclusion practice of your organisation you can attract and retain talent from a diverse group of employees. While these actions are not exclusive to young people, the wider approach of the organisation will benefit the young people in the workforce.

Offering the opportunities young people deserve

Sandy Begbie, Chairman of the Young Person’s Guarantee Implementation Group, said: “The Young Person’s Guarantee is relatively simple, it’s about connecting young people with opportunities whether they are in employment, training or education.

“I have long believed young people are an enormous asset to employers, I have never regretted once the recruitment of a young person.

“The value they bring into companies is considerable, it is one of the best investments you can make.

“I would therefore encourage all employers, regardless of size or sector, to commit to the guarantee and give all our young people the opportunity they deserve.”

You can find out more about the scheme at bit.ly/YPG-Employer or by contacting info@dywmoray.co.uk

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