• Young Person's Guarantee

Young Person's Guarantee

Young Person’s Guarantee Framework


Within two years, every person aged between 16 and 24 in Scotland will have the opportunity, depending on their circumstances, to study; take up an apprenticeship, job or work experience; or participate in formal volunteering. This is the ambition of the Young Person’s Guarantee, as proposed by Sandy Begbie CBE in September 2020 and committed to by the Scottish Government in the 2020/21 Programme for Government.

We are looking for local employers from all sectors - small, medium, and large - to consider how they can support the Young Person’s Guarantee. The support is built around 5 key areas:

1. To prepare young people for the world of work

2. To help all young people achieve their potential

3. To invest in a skilled workforce

4. To create jobs, volunteering, and training opportunities

5. To create an inclusive and fair workplace

Please download the attached framework via the link above for further guidance on the Young Person’s Guarantee.

If you can commit to supporting a young person over the next 12 months, from offering a very small opportunity to potentially a bigger commitment, then we would welcome local employers to complete the following form. Please get in touch with the team, who will support you to complete the form and discuss potential opportunities for you to get involved with - info@dywmoray.co.uk.

Young Person's Guarantee Proforma

Detailed commitment for the next 12 months

Could you offer work-based learning placements to schools?
Could you offer work-based learning placements to colleges?
Could you offer Foundation Apprenticeship - Work Placements (Level 6)?
Could you offer Foundation Apprenticeship - Work Based Challenge (Level 4/5)?
Could you offer work inspiration and preparation activities?
Could you offer mentoring opportunities?

Total opportunities

Please provide the total number of opportunities, if possible provide a breakdown below.

Description of commitment for the next 12 months

Detail what you currently provide relating to the asks you intend to support. Please include how you will deliver and measure this and the groups you intend to engage with. This will ensure we can support you where necessary.

Future development areas for consideration

Areas you cannot currently commit to but would like to support in the future.

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